Ziggy Marley rocks out and sheds light on the GMO issue in Boulder

Ziggy Marley rocks out and sheds light on the GMO issue in Boulder, CO.

The Boulder Theater was the backdrop for the January 21st non-GMO benefit concert, “Wild and GMO Free”, featuring a memorable performance by Ziggy Marley, Grammy-award winning artist. The event sought to raise awareness and funds to educate the Boulder community about the fight against genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Ziggy jumped on board and proved to be a great supporter of the cause. His music, persona, and lifelong dedication to living naturally resonated with the audience and the non-GMO message.

In Ziggy's own words, "Genetically Modified Organisms are not something I would feed to myself or my children. The struggle for humanity today and in the years ahead is the struggle to remain free, and especially free from Genetically Modified Organisms as food. Without knowledge, information, choice and a say in society about our food and our land, our basic freedoms are denied. Our lives and our children's lives, the life of earth, plant and seed are today in our hands."

What are GMOs and what does it mean for you? Check out the Institute for Responsible Technology for an overview.

For more on how many in Boulder County are pushing back against GMOs, read on at GMO Free Boulder.



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