Reasons Behind Effect

Our company was built on the principle that sustainability is necessary for the future of our planet and people as well as for business. To truly be sustainable, businesses need to profit from sustainability or they will not do it. Although the causes, catalysts, and outlets for activation are endless, below are a few of the passions that have been central to our work over the past 20 years.

Moving people along the continuum of Awareness to Action

    Social change truly starts with individuals so many of our programs encourage people to get involved.
  • Since 2007, the CLIF Bar GreenNotes program has helped artists reduce the impact of their tours while on the road and educated music fans on making a difference in their own backyards. Through volunteering at cleanup concert events nationwide, helping artists give their fan’s tools for getting involved in their community, purchasing the Protect The Places We Play benefit album on iTunes, or taking an online pledge to reduce their impact, CLIF BAR GreenNotes enabled music fans to make a difference through seamlessly aligning sustainability with the music industry. The program helped CLIF Bar to become a household name among the LOHAS community and helped connect developing artists with new fans.
  • United We Serve was designed to empower the public to take charge of creating change. Through this service initiative, people can search for volunteer opportunities in their area or create their own projects. The White House asked our MusicMatters division to serve as the program’s focal point and outreach arm for the entire music industry. This outreach effort has generated millions of impressions for an important program, translating into volunteer action in communities across the country.
  • EFFECT helped Jack Johnson and his management team to develop the All At Once campaign. All At Once is a community of environmentally-educated and active fans. AAO is a combination of an artist fan club, a hub for environmental groups, and a social network which comes to life at Jack's concerts in the “Village Green.” The Village Green connects attendees with non-profits, and rewards fans for taking environmental action.

Climate Change

For years, headlines and debates have circled around climate change. While it is clearly a huge problem, it also is an actionable one, since even the smallest everyday changes make a difference. For nearly two decades, EFFECT has been partnering with companies and organizations who are dedicated to lowering their greenhouse gas emissions, and helping others do the same.
  • In 1997, MusicMatters played a key role in launching green energy in the US with our work with Green Mountain Energy. Offering “Green Energy” options was new at the time, so we created a grassroots connection with consumers to educate them about such unheard of concepts such as: Global warming, carbon offsets, renewable energy, and biomass.
  • In 2006, EFFECT partnered with Musictoday and NativeEnergy to develop the first online fan offset program. This program allows fans to offset their travel to shows via tree planting or new renewable energy. The concept has been used on U2, Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews Band and many other music tours.
  • EFFECT’s work with Jack Johnson has been hugely impactful to the music industry’s environmental footprint. In addition to providing sustainability campaign direction for his tours, EFFECT teamed up with Johnson and leading environmental organizations in 2005 to update our 1991 “green touring and event bible”, the EnviroRider™. This guide has become the standard in the industry.

Pesticide Reduction

We strongly believe in the importance of increasing education regarding chemical and pesticide usage, and helping to build companies and organizations that align with this cause. Since pesticides not only have an impact on our personal well being, but also water quality, climate change, and overall environmental health, we work with all of our clients to reduce or eliminate the use of harmful synthetic pesticides.
  • Since 2004, the Organic & Natural Experience (ONE) has been traveling the country every summer, spreading the word on products that are better for people and the environment.
  • Go Organic! for Earth Day, which started in 2005, has helped increase awareness and consumption of organic products, while helping grow organic brands.
  • EFFECT’s team of 1,500+ Brand Activists™ was developed and recruited to provide the organic and natural industry with an “on-the-ground face” to engage consumers.

Waste Reduction

Many of our programs have focused on reducing waste and helping to educate and engage consumers on recycling initiatives. Since large-scale events attract large crowds, they have the potential to create a great amount of waste, but also present the opportunity to raise awareness regarding recycling, reusing, and waste reduction in general.
  • On the Live Nation U2 360 Tour, Brita provided hydration stations and compostable cups to keep fans hydrated without any bottled water waste. The partnership also highlighted Brita’s Filter for Good initiative, and helped educate fans on the impact they can have simply by using reusable water bottles.
  • The Black Eyed Peas The E.N.D. Tour provided an opportunity to introduce fans to RETHINK fabrics, a company that creates clothing out of recycled plastic bottles. Volunteers uniformed in Rethink clothing encouraged fans to take part in the tour’s recycling initiative by recycling their drink containers at one of the twenty branded recycling stations throughout each venue.
  • Our longtime partnership with Dave Matthews Band has lead to multiple cutting-edge sustainability initiatives. Most recently, we created a program at Dave Matthews' suggestion called “So Much To Save.” For the last 3 years, DMB has revolutionized how the music industry recycles via the So Much to Save Program.