• Past
    In the 1990s, EFFECT™ CEO & Founder Michael Martin helped revolutionize social change in the music industry as the Executive Director of Concerts for the Environment. He went on to build MusicMatters™, a pioneer in the world of sustainability marketing. As the years passed, the company outgrew its roots and expanded into EFFECT™, of which MusicMatters™ is now a division. See below for a list of Michael and EFFECT's highlights over the years:
    • Helped found and continues to sit on the board of Climate Counts, the influential non-profit that rates corporations on their efforts towards mitigating climate change.
    • Member of the Technical Advisory Group for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), helping to develop procedures that will be the governing document for sustainability standards globally across 30 countries.
    • Advising a senior cabinet-level member of President Obama’s administration on sustainable economics model trends.
    • Helping James Cameron leverage the environmental impact of his groundbreaking film, “Avatar.”
    • Working wih leading brands such as P&G, General Mills and Clorox to create EFFECT Marketing Campaigns to help them take the next step in sustainability.
    • Serving as campaign director and advisor for Jack Johnson’s All At Once community.
    • Developed the Go Organic!™for Earth Day Campaign and the Organic and Natural Experience™ to reduce chemical and pesticide consumption by increasing national awareness and sales of organic and natural products in mainstream America.
    • Built a campaign for the White House to raise national awareness of the “United We Serve” public service initiative.
    • Worked with Live Nation as the international sustainability advisor for the largest tour in history: the 2009 and 2010 U2 360° tour.
    • Created CLIF Bar’s GreenNotes program, to work with artists on environmental initiatives in touring while encouraging music fans to get involved in their communities.
    • Developed and executed the Black Eyed Peas “RETHINK Campaign” with Green For All, League of Conservation Voters and RETHINK Fabrics™.
  • Present
    Today we work with companies, bands, and other motivated organizations to create ground-breaking campaigns that make a positive social change while building the business. We're a unique mix of backgrounds: brand managers, sustainability and environmental experts, musicians, parents, concert producers, lawyers, and at least one helicopter pilot and former swim team manager. But, we all have a common thread - a passion for making the world we live in a better place and knowing the right tools to make it happen.
  • Future
    These Guiding Principles have kept us focused and effective for more than two decades and will continue to do so in years to come.
    • We won't abandon our beliefs for short-term gains.
    • Our passion is infectious and inspiring.
    • We’re a family and a leader in a larger, collaborative community.
    • We pioneer tomorrow's ideas today.
    • We keep it real.
    • It's not just business, it's personal.