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Strategic Issue

Consumers were hesitant to buy organic and natural products due to preconceived notions about quality and/or taste, and many companies in the industry were unable to devote budget to an experiential marketing program.

  • Created an innovative cooperative and cost-effective mobile marketing program that allowed multiple companies to reach large audiences with samples and information about their brands.
  • Provided consumers with a full experience of each brand via samples and brand stories by exclusively selected Brand Activists™.
  • An eye-catching presence at large-scale events throughout the United States.
  • High-value Action Kit Coupon Book delivered to consumers via events and retail locations nationwide.
  • Reduced pesticide and chemical consumption nationwide through increased organic education and purchasing.
  • An average coupon redemption rate significantly above national averages.
  • 1,037,000 Action Kit Coupon Books handed out since 2004
  • Introduced 5,077,111 consumers to organic and natural products…and is still counting!
What our clients say about us
“ONE is unsurpassed in its ability to get our products into the mouths of our target consumer, a top priority for our organic cookie business. Their turn-key program and well-schooled Brand Activists are the difference between an everyday sampling program and an experience successful at creating brand supporters, if not advocates.” —John DePaolis, Chief Cookie Officer at Country Choice Organic

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