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While on their 2010 The E.N.D. Tour, The Black Eyed Peas and Tour promoter, AEG, wanted to create a shift in how their fans perceive the common act of reusing, reducing and recycling and the vital part they play. The idea was to accomplish this by exemplifying the lifecycle of a bottle from consumption to repurpose, resulting in a sustainable product to keep the Black Eyed Peas brand in the public eye.

  • EFFECT partnered with RETH¿NK Fabrics, a recycled line of clothing supported by the Black Eyed Peas, who focuses on turning recycled plastic bottles into clothing. In addition on the North American leg of the Tour, EFFECT brought in Green For All and League of Conservation Voters for other ways that fans could “RETH¿NK their Future,” from politics to supporting green collar communities. Continuing the program on the European leg, hummel was the sole supporter of the program, which closely coincides with the launch of their line of recycled sports jerseys for the world handball games.
  • The tour traveled with 20 branded recycling bins to add to the venues’ pre-existing recycling program, which were monitored by local volunteers uniformed in RETH¿NK clothing, also available at Tour merchandise. They encouraged fans to recycle, displaying the results of fans’ actions through their post-consumer-recycled clothing.
  • The messaging onsite encouraged fans to take action, think how that action will affect their future, and take responsibility for those outcomes.
  • Fans are now aware of the impact they can have and of the band’s commitment to the environment.
  • On average, venues recorded a 20-50% increase of recyclables collected the night of The Black Eyed Peas show. An estimated 15,100 lbs of recyclables, 50% plastics, were diverted from landfills on the North American Tour.
  • Over 5,000 Black Eyed Peas fans signed the Green For All and League of Conservation Voters pledge to support the climate change bill.
  • Fans and crew on the European leg recycled the equivalent of 11,540 post-consumer recycled t-shirts or jerseys!

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