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Strategic Issue

Increase awareness and drive trial of Stonyfield’s organic yogurt products.

  • Developed experiential marketing campaigns in major markets across the country to engage consumers in Stonyfield’s products, history, and social change initiatives.
  • Identified, staffed and executed Stonyfield’s presence at highly-targeted consumer events and guerilla locations across multiple markets for the last seven years.
  • Introduced almost 3 million consumers to Stonyfield products since 2003.
  • Drove sales with over 1 million targeted coupons over the course of seven highly-effective campaigns.
  • Reduced pesticide and chemical consumption nationwide through increased organic education and purchasing.
What our clients say about us

“One of the reasons that Stonyfield Farm continues to work with Effect Partners is their flawless execution in the field. No agency can compare to Effect Partners’ extensive recruitment process and their dedication to identifying the proper people to represent our brand to the consumer. Effect Partners’ Brand Activists are incredibly knowledgeable and represent Stonyfield Farm with dedication and shared values.”

—Shaun Fahey, Stonyfield Farm Community Marketing Coordinator

the impact we have is as varied as the issues we work on.

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