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“An individual action, multiplied by millions creates global change”

Strategic Issue
  • Create the “next step in tour greening” for the world’s most environmentally committed artist. Increase donations and volunteer participation for local and national nonprofits
  • Engage fans in environmental action, while promoting the Sleep Through the Static album release and world tour.
  • Launched the All At Once social action community online and brought it to life at Johnson’s concerts.  A first-ever combination of a social network, fan club and environmental organization.
  • Revised our “EnviroRider™” to increase expectations and effectiveness.
  • All At Once members discussed, explored, shared, volunteered and learned about important environmental issues.  They were rewarded for taking environmental action with free music downloads from Jack Johnson and friends.
  • Over 150 credible local non-profits worldwide shared their messages online and at each concert and Johnson’s charity matched donations made to the non-profits.
  • All At Once came to life in the Village Green. Concert-goers connected with non-profit groups, learned about environmental actions, captured environmental commitment photos, and entered to win a chance to watch Jack’s performance from the stage
  • Established Johnson as the world leader in sustainable touring through creating a new model for the music industry to engage fans and create meaningful environmental change. Engaged tens of thousands of fans through online and concert activation. Empowered fans to take small steps by providing small rewards and quantified environmental change.
  • Brought 150 nonprofit groups together and viralized their association with Jack via online video promotion that raised $1,000,000+ for groups around the world Sleep Through The Static became the biggest selling online album in history, as of it launch, and Jack Johnson performed to sold out audiences around the world. All at Once concept expanded on 2010 Jack Johnson tour.

the impact we have is as varied as the issues we work on.

the arc of our work is as varied as the partners we serve.

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