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Strategic Issue

How to reduce plastic bottle consumption? Build awareness with a new demographic while establishing Brita as a sustainably-driven brand.

  • Developed a campaign that leveraged the music industry and Brita’s sustainability initiatives to reduce bottled water waste through an interactive presence at concert tours.
  • “Brita Bars” provided concert attendees with free filtered water in compostable cups.
  • Onsite signage encouraged attendees to text for product coupons and to take a pledge to reduce bottled water waste.
  • Social media and public relations kept consumers aware of Brita’s efforts on the tour.

  • Results
    • Partnered Brita with U2 to reach over 1 million concert attendees, highlighting Brita’s environmental efforts and great-tasting filtered water, while providing U2 with a strong and highly visible sustainability initiative.
    • Provided attendees and concert staff with “Brita Bars” resulting in an 7+ ton reduction in bottled water waste.
    • The program was so successful that it has already extended to additional tours.

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