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Strategic Issue

After their acquisition by Unilever, Ben & Jerry’s needed to reinvigorate their credibility as a progressive brand.

  • Partnered Ben & Jerry’s history of sustainable business with Dave Matthews Band’s environmental commitment with the 20 leading environmental organizations to introduce One Sweet Whirled: an ice cream flavor on a mission.
  • Positioned global warming as a man-made problem with man-made solutions and encouraged consumers to eat this ice cream to “lose 2,000 pounds…..of CO2”. The campaign provided clear action steps and tools for consumers to reduce their environmental impact.
  • New product launch to spur buzz of campaign and initiatives through packaging and retail merchandising.
  • Consumers at Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops, Dave Matthews Band concerts and online pledged to decrease their carbon footprints by taking simple yet actionable steps in their daily lives.
  • One Sweet Whirled was one of Ben & Jerry’s most successful flavor launches in their history. Consumers pledged to eliminate over 200 million lbs. of CO2 and wrote 75,000 letters to Congress about pending climate legislation.
  • The campaign evolved into Ben & Jerry’s decade-long social change initiative “Lick Global Warming.”

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