What We Do

As a verb, EFFECT means to bring about, execute, accomplish. As a noun, it means result or consequence. If you EFFECT something, you make a notable change. By extension, Effect Marketing™ (hint: what we do here) aligns consumer purchase decisions and socially responsible behavior with your brand. It enables consumers to connect emotionally to your brand while actually making a positive change in the world.

You may have heard of cause marketing. It involves stapling a cause to a brand in the hopes that the goodwill will incent a consumer to choose that brand over another. Often the only alignment is financial and when that promotion ends so does the consumer’s interest in the company. In contrast, Effect Marketing™ centers on the quantified social impact which grows brands in both the short and long term by authentically building brand attributes and increasing brand loyalty.

Consumers are more aware and interested than ever in the social change initiatives of the brands they interact with daily. The very nature of consumerism is changing so the process with which to engage consumers needs to change too. Click through the logos below to see Effect Marketing™ in action.

the impact we have is as varied as the issues we work on.

the arc of our work is as varied as the partners we serve.

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