We put Global Warming on the map.  

We created the first-ever national global warming campaign by getting the Top 20 environmental groups to work together with Dave Matthews Band and Ben & Jerry’s for the One Sweet Whirled Global Warming Flavor.  “Eat this ice cream and lose 2,000 pounds. Of Co2”


Earth Day has not always been celebrated annually. The first celebration as conceived by Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970 was not repeated until 1990, the twenty year anniversary. Seeing it's critical importance, we stepped in to vision and produce the major Earth Day events for the next 5 years, including creating stadium concerts, radio campaigns and local events and school programs in 50 markets in the US to solidify Earth Day as an annual event.

We introduced greening to the music industry.

We introduced the concept of greening events and the music industry and have led the industry towards an environmental bias since 1990.  We also have reduced plastic bottle usage by creating the “Brita Filter For Good" campaign.  Just ask Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, Black Eyed Peas, AEG, Live Nation, U2 and so on, they'll tell you all about our work

We helped launch the alternative fuel revolution.

When Toyota decided they wanted to revolutionize the auto industry, they called on us to help launch the Prius and the Mirai.  

We spearheaded the solar and green power revolution.

EFFECT helped launch green power in the US, producing the largest renewable energy festival in history and launching the largest residential green power company.

We paved the way for the organic and natural experience.

We created the national experiential program for the organic industry, called ONE (The Organic and Natural Experience) and GO! (Go Organic! for Earth Day) that has single handedly raised mainstream awareness and sales of organic products in North America.

We help the world’s leading companies and cultural icons embrace and leverage sustainability for business benefit.

We cannot name them all, but if you think of the world’s largest tech company, the world’s biggest marketing company, the world’s 2nd largest retailer, the world’s largest cereal company, the highest grossing comedian, the biggest movie in history, the biggest music tour in history.  Yep. We are on speed dial for them.

Sustainable product Innovation, Investment and Incubation.

From creating, to developing, to consulting, to funding, EFFECT Partners has created or helped support and nurture many successful purpose-led initiatives:


Net Impact


Climate Counts

Environmental Media Association

Ziggy Marley Organics

People’s Organic Cafe

Better-U Foundation

Earth Day Network

The Green Awards

Vote For Change

Sustainable Concerts Working Group

1% for the Planet

United We Serve

The Grand Strategy-A New Business Plan for America

Native Energy

The Big Know

Social Venture Network

Just Label It

Organic Trade Association